Welcome to Argutopia!

We're passionate about supporting your efforts to help students find their voices. Our mission is to make debating a part of every class, regardless of the course content!

A one-stop platform for the resources, guidance and tools required to put debate in every class.

Constructive argumentation is essential to understanding and navigating the world. Unfortunately, many of us seem to have forgotten how to argue constructively with one another. Like any skill, argumentation needs to be taught, but students lack opportunity, instructors lack know-how and the broader society lacks appreciation for reasoned discourse.

Argutopia gives you the tools you need to structure productive and engaging debates for your students. Using your own topic or materials we provide, you can schedule students to prepare, debate and evaluate arguments from one platform.

We're guided by three goals:

  1. Make every student a debater. Debate-centered instruction (DCI) enlives the classroom, motivates students to acquire valuable skills and imparts the knowledge and predisposition for students to be effective citizens. Robert Litan of the Brookings Institution makes the case that every class should focus on teaching students to make and evaluate arguments.

  2. Demistify argumentation. Argutopia harnesses the power of visual and dynamic learning through its spatial model of argumentation. Students see the interactions between arguments illustrated on their screens and can manipulate the model to reflect their perceptions of the debate.

  3. Make debate convenient for Instructors to use in their classes. Hundreds of prepared topics for debate, social sharing of resources, threaded video recording for outside-of-class asynchronous debates, videoconferencing for competition between classes or between schools, extensive instruction and support for teachers and more make Argutopia a one-stop platform for incorporating debating into any class.

Interested in becoming a beta user? Email us at support@argutopia.co with a little bit about who you are.

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