Preparing for your debate

Entering an assignment as a debater takes you to your debate's home page. From here, you can see a schedule of the speeches due (and your own due date), information about the participants and their roles in the debate, watch speeches recorded by other participants and more. The main feature of your debate's home page is a model with the issues for your debate already designated. These are the issues for which you'll need to create arguments, either in support of your position or those you anticipate the other side making.
The issues for your debate
As you prepare, you can add arguments for your side complete with claims, reasons and evidence to support your position on the motion. You can also add arguments you anticipate your opponents making to help strategize responses to their arguments.
Prepare your arguments and anticipate your opponents' arguments for each issue
Once you're satisfied with your preparation, you should save your visualizer. You may also access a text-based version of the arguments you've created to use during the debate. If you're participating in a real-time, in-person debate, your instructor will provide you and the others involved in your debate with time to have the debate.
If you're scheduled to participating in an asynchronous debate, read on to learn how you'll record your speeches!

Asynchronous debates

For asynchronous debates you can record your own speeches and review others' speeches from within Argutopia. Unless you're the first speaker, you'll want to review the recordings of previous debaters before recording your own speech. You can access all previous speeches through the "Watch Debate" menu. When you click "Watch" for each speech, a video player will pop up from which you can control the replay of the video.
Review previous speeches before recording your own
You can record the arguments made by your teammates or opponents on the visualizer so that you have a complete understanding of the interactions in the debate.
When it's time for you to record your own speech, select the "Speech Schedule" to access the video recorder. Click "Record" to access the video recorder and adjust the options as you'd like (recording just the screen, recording just your video or recording the screen and your video).
Record your speech when it's your turn
You can review and re-record your speech if you'd like. When you're ready, you can insert the recording into the debate and submit it for your Instructor's and the other debaters' review.
Remember to submit your speech when you're satisfied with the recording