Your assignment dashboard

Review assignment details, evaluate student's submissions, delete assignments and more.

Visualizer publishing options

You can control who sees an assignment's visualizer(s) from the dashboard. By selecting various options, you can publish an average visualizer compiled from all individual visualizers submitted to the debaters, publish the judges' individual visualizers to the debaters and to the deliberation group and, finally, publish the deliberation group's consensus visualizer to the debaters. Most instructors prefer to review visualizers before publishing them to members of the class; you can review the models under the "Submissions" tab near the top of the screen.

Edit Assignments

We make it easy to edit your assignments from your assignment dashboard. Simply select the debate you'd like to edit from the "Debates & Submissions" tab and click the "Edit Speeches" or "Edit Judges" button.

Once in the editing menu, you can change speakers assigned Debater or Judge roles, change the length of speeches or change the due dates for elements of the assignment.

Review Submissions

By selecting the "Submissions" tab near the top of the screen you can review students progress and competed work. If an assignment is comprised of multiple debates, each debate is accessible via a tab near the top of the screen. Once selected, you can see that debate's Pro and Con visualizers (prepared by the debaters in anticipation of the debate), the judges' individual visualizers, an average of all the judges' visualizers and, once complete, a visualizer representing the consensus of the deliberation panel.

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