Judging a debate

Argutopia makes judging a debate easy. Your Instructor will tell you when you're scheduled to judge, but you can always access your assignments to see what debates are occuring. For some assignments, you may be a debater in one debate but a judge in a different debate. Both of these roles can be accessed from your assignments homepage; once you select an assignment, you'll be given the option to enter that assignment in either a debater or judge role.

Adjusting the visualizer to reflect your decision

Once you're in your debate's homepage, you can find a lot of information about your debate. You can check a list of participants, view the assignment instructions and due dates, see the schedule of speeches (and whether they've been recorded) and more.

Once you're finished viewing the debate and recording the arguments, you can adjust the visualizer to reflect your decision. Drag the sliders left or right within each issue to reflect which side convinced you most of their position on the issue. Adjust the size of each issue to reflect how important that issue was to your decision. In the end, the side that occupies the most space on the visualizer is the winner.

Don't forget to save your visualizer when you're finished. Once you save the visualizer, it will be available for your Instructor to review.

Your Instructor may also require you to participate in a deliberation group to reach consensus on the outcome of a debate. You can read more about deliberating with your judging group here.

Viewing speeches in an asynchronous debate

If you're judging an asynchronous debate, you'll wait until the debaters have recorded their speeches. When the speeches are complete, you can watch them from the "Watch Debate" menu on the model page. From the video player you can pause, rewind and adjust the speed of play as you record the debaters' arguments on your model.

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