Setting up your class

Create your account

We use a magic link emailed to your inbox to log you into Argutopia. Enter your preferred email address, then check your inbox for the link we've emailed you to access Argutopi

  1. You'll need an Instructor account to create assignments for your students. Email with some information about yourself and we'll get an Instructor account set up for you!

Creating your class

You'll need to create a class before you can create debates. Simply click on "Create New Class" and give your class a name you and your students will recognize. You'll also need to provide start and end dates for the class; these typically are the same as the semester or quarter during which you'll use Argutopia.

Enter your students in your class

Next you'll enter or upload your student roster into Argutopia. You'll need your students' email addresses to do so, as the students will use those emails to log onto the platform to see their assignments. You can either input your students' email addresses in the input box or upload an .xlsx or .csv file containing their email addresses. Most Content Management Systems (like Canvas, Google Classroom or Blackboard) allow you to download a list of your student's email addresses, making class rostering a breeze!

When you're ready to have your students compete an assignment on Argutopia, all you have to do is have them navigate to Once they enter their email address, they'll receive a magic link in their inbox that they'll use to log in and--when they do so--they'll automatically be affiliated with your class!

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