Deliberating with your judging group

Discussing your decision with a small group of judges in order to come to agreement on the winner of the debate--also known as deliberating--is a terrific way to check your perceptions of the debate you've watched. Before you can deliberate, you must complete an individual decision and submit your completed visualizer of the debate so that others can understand how you arrived at your decision. Once your Instructor makes your group members' visualizers available for you to review, you can begin deliberating.

Viewing other judges' visualizers

Once your Instructor has made other judges' visualizers available for your review, you can choose to view them in two ways. First, you can use the drop-down menu to select which visualizer you'll see. Note that you can also choose to work on the consensus visualizer--the one that you and your fellow judges will discuss and agree upon--from this menu.

You can also see a quick-view of each judge's visualizer by clicking the "Compare all judge models" button. This brings up a comparison window that allows you to see how each judge has allocated their visualizer and to click each visualizer to see the expanded view.

When you're ready, you can select the Consensus visualizer to discuss the decision with your fellow judges, record the arguments you feel are relevant and adjust the visualizer in a way that all judges agree to. Remember to save your Consensus visualizer so that your Instructor can review it!

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